Service Provider Lists Available for Download

Access real-time lists for the following services:

  • Adult Day Programs
  • Day Habilitation for people with emotional disabilities and mental illness
  • Day Habilitation for people with brain injury and developmental disabilities
  • Group Home for children and youth with disabilities (RBSCL)
  • Group Residences for adults with disabilities/Residential Care Facilities (RCF)
  • Host Homes
  • Integrated Health Homes (IHH)
  • Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF)
  • In-Home Nursing/Consumer Directed Attendant Care (CDAC) - skilled
  • Personal Care/Consumer Directed Attendant Care (CDAC) - non-skilled
  • Psychiatric Medical Institutions for Children (PMIC)
  • Supported Community Living (SCL) - hourly
  • Supported Community Living (SCL) - site-based/daily